Tareeq Al Baraq Factories Equipment Trading
We Provide Equipment Trading and Services for Automation
and Electrical Items, We deal in international brands like Fatek,
Weintek, Atek Sensors, Caho in UAE

Distributor Of Fatek PLC & Weintek HMI In UAE

Tareeq Al Baraq

Tareeq Al Baraq is a specialized automation distributor company principally serving many industries. Our goal is to help our customers achieve greater productivity and results leveraging our highly reliable automation control systems, accessories, and technical support. Simply put: Tareeq Al Baraq will provide the support and easy-to-use automation systems to our customer base to achieve immediate positive impact in their productivity.

Fatek PLC
(Programmable Logic Controller)

Our Fatek PLC products and training devices are a professional line of controllers focused on small, high-quality and high-functionality micro PLC controllers. With a tradition of high quality and break-through engineering innovation since 1989 our Fatek PLCs are increasingly reaching market share in high-reliability applications in UAE.

Other Products


ATEK linear potentiometer

Caho Temperature Controllers

Why Tareeq Al Baraq

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because..

Industrial Automation and
Process Control System

At Tareeq Al Baraq we offer the best process control system. Our range of PCS systems is extremely flexible from PLC based control systems for compressor stations to complex DCS based systems managing complex production plants. Solutions to meet the industrial 4.0 standard.

Control System Engineering &
Design Services

We offer PLC and HMI programming, troubleshooting, start-up and commissioning services. Our engineers have the expertise to ensure our clients have a successful project.

Installation and Commissioning

Tareeq Al Baraq Factories Equipment commissions projects which are related to PLC, DCS and SCADA. FG End of Line Automation, Energy Monitoring & Energy Saving, Image Processing Base Project

Instrumentation supply

Tareeq Al Baraq deals in industrial equipment related to control, instrumentation, mechanical, electromechanical, and solid state devices.

Control System Trainings

We offer product, control, process and technology trainings designed for engineering, operation and maintenance. Tareeq Al Baraq offers training on world renowned control system brands.

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